Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thrift Store Treasures

My mom and I have done quite a bit of thrift store shopping over the last two weeks. We have been to two different Salvation Army stores, our local Goodwill (numerous times), and our new favorite antique mall, Alley Cats. We have found some incredible bargains.

One thing that my mom purchased from Alley Cats was a cabinet for her kitchen. We believe it is the bottom of an old 'Hoosier Cabinet'.

Here is the kitchen before...
and after.

The tables and chairs moved to another room. (More on that later.) The cabinet is taller than the table was so it provides much need counter space. Mom plans on replacing the hardware with something a little more vintage looking.

These are a few pitchers that Mom found at Goodwill.

We found many more treasures, but I had to start somewhere. There will be plenty more pictures to come soon!

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